Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Our Inventory Management Model which will take your company to the Basics of Inventory i.e. ABC analysis, forecasting, random counts, from age-ing to edge-ing, the standard EOQ levels, right warehouse size, ease of processing orders leading to overall cost optimization, reduced inventory losses, growth acceleration, improved gross margins.

What will our Inventory Management Model cover?

  • The BASICS of Inventory Management – ABC analysis of Inventory items
  • Revamping Sourcing and Ordering Cycle
  • Linking Inventory Turnover to Product Pricing and Collection
  • Automate Forecasting
  • Working on EOQ – Balancing Ordering Cost, Holding Cost and Shortage Cost
  • “Right Products in the Right Mix and Right Quantity at their Right Price occupying the Right Place for the Right Time period”
  • Advanced WMS – Warehouse Management System – Right Size of Warehouse, its Volume Utilization and Ease of Processing Orders
  • Upgrade ERP for better recording of inventory transactions and matching receiving – issuing Units
  • Introducing Inventory Verification – Random Counts and Minimizing Inventory Variances
  • Cost Optimization
  • Reduce Inventory Loss due to Shortages, Wastages, Expired and Obsolete items
  • Inventory Edge-ing instead of Age-ing
  • Growth Stimulator

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