It has been posted here a week back that a CFO position need not be UFO (not Unidentified Flying Object but Unmanned Finance Office !) with the promise that more on CFO will be shared here,not as a job but Business of Business.

Role of CFO is so multi-faceted. Every company need a Chief Finance Officer. Start-ups and Small enterprises can not afford a full-time CFO. They can look at having a CFO on part-time basis or on-demand. Medium-size enterprises, sooner than later, will have a CFO. Large Corporations have a CFO to begin with.

But the moot point is, with such a multi-faceted role profile of a CFO and ever-changing landscape of business environment, can a stand-alone CFO do justice to the entire gamut of its varied functions?

In my opinion and based on my 20+ years of working experience, a stand-alone CFO needs the support of a pool of knowledge and experience provided by a specialised CFO Service firm.

So, whether its a start-up or a small enterprise, whether it is a medium-size company or large corporation, whether it is a professional management run company or owner managed companies, outsourced CFO Service is not only required but a necessity now to be responsive to tearing transformation taking place around us.

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