Support Services

Support Services

(For Management Decisions)

Management of a company need various support services for quicker and better decision making. We specialize in providing the following:

1. Overseeing Financial Control and Financial Reporting

Internal Controls are crucial for Governance, Risk Control, Liability mitigation and Asset trusteeship

Financial Reporting brings on reliability of availability of timely data, reliance on data as correct and confidence of third parties for granting credit terms, lending of money and placing equity stake.

2. Performance Management and Executive Communication

We think that Finance is no longer about control, compliance, and reporting, it has started and playing the role of performance management, strategy, operational improvement, and digital transformation.

We delve into these as a service discovering new forms of value creation along the way.

Few of our offerings under this are KPIs reporting, Identification of Performance Gaps among others

3. Developing content that will be included in Executive and Board Level Presentation

We have seen lots of reporting, analysis, and presentation documents. What we have found them lacking for management’s valuable time and quick assimilation, have made them as our service offerings by curating and fine tuning the content for Executive and Board Level presentation.