Our name may not answer your curiosity. Our work, what we do and can do for you and your business, will totally explain our name, The TotalCFO will bring great value to your company,its financial strength and future growth.

Σ symbol represents Sigma meaning the summation of all. As The TotalCFO, we pull out the summation of all business functions, business cycles, business processes and business activities in a structured and integrated manner, linking the business purpose to its profitability.

Our range of services and value proposition is not limited to a specific industry. Our goal is to bring cost management and sound financial decision expertise to the table.

Between the two partners, we have worked extensively in Manufacturing (with captive power plants), Food Distribution, Trading & Distribution, Retail, Service, Family Business office, Hygiene, Healthcare industries, amongst others at various levels.

We take pride and are trained to develop an understanding of any industry or technology by the time you finish explaining and we pull out the first set of detailed financials. We follow 80-20 principle in our engagement, 20 for understanding your business and 80 for implementation to actualize the results.

We engage in a continuous discovery process throughout our association. What is in the sight is not an Insight. We will present to you new Industry Insights.

We have a network of professional associations with subject matter experts in the areas of Industry Experts, Family Office / Personal Wealth Management, Investment Banks – Private Equity Partners, Law Firms, Company Secretary, Accounting Services amongst others.


Full-Time CFO : This is for companies who have a full-fledged Accounts team and may be an interim Finance Manager. But there is no one to head the Finance function and act as a partner to CEO / General Manager for Business Strategy, Insights, Overall Management and Growth.

Part-Time CFO : A company may have outgrown its current internal resources. An experienced financial professional can work on-site with flexible hours at your place of business for less than the cost of hiring a Senior Accountant.

Special Purpose CFO : A special service of ours to support and provide assistance to CFOs of large corporates in the areas of their project implementation, decision support, analytics, brainstorming sessions, among other such specific functions but having bigger dimensions.

Interim CFO : Every business, regardless of size, needs the services of an experienced CFO. No business can afford to go without the services of a CFO for a single day. Our Interim CFO service will help businesses cover up the time, if they decide to have an in-house, full time CFO on their payroll. During this intervening period, apart from usual CFO function, this CFO service will analyze critical information about the business, provide valuable counsel and function as a key member of the management team.

CFO on Demand : This CFO Service is to meet the immediate demand of a specific function of a CFO for a business. This service is usually provided on an hourly basis to fulfill the targeted work. Nature of work may include review of a big tender document to be submitted, vetting of a critical contract/agreement, preparation of a feasibility report, business valuation, assist in business plan document, an improvisation project, amongst others

Virtual CFO : A Virtual CFO is more than a Book-keeper and Accountant but less than a Full-Time CFO. He is available for almost everything a CFO role entails, but at a distance. He is involved in your business functions but not visible. He is responsible but restricted in his presence. He is available to you 16/7 days a week.

It just depends on what you need. We help you in assessing your needs. We customize our available solution to meet your needs and your budget. Our unique proposition is that you have our complete set of financial management expertise, years of experience and busines acumen for a fraction of the CTC (salary of a full-time hire) of the employee.

Many companies find themselves at the stage where they need strong in-house financial management resources, though they cannot afford to hire at the level they need. Moreover, the need is not full-time. They end up settling for a person without the appropriate skills and experience. We will allow you to spend time where it is much required – on sales, marketing, operations and production while becoming part of the team seamlessly.

We have found that many SME business owners and entrepreneurs are either (1) occupied with back office administration, in that they spend too much time on it, or (2) they don’t have good MIS system to provide them insightful details for running their business and taking decisions more on facts than hunches. We help SME business owners with robust MIS reports in the areas of cash flow, sales analysis, profitability management and costs. SME business owners need help with financial and operational issues.


We recommend that you have access to the following:

  1. Detailed cash-flow planning and forecasting of cash or borrowing needs
  2. Regular MIS reporting with Key Performance Indicators and Ratio Analysis
  3. Data Analytics on key business areas of customer pricing, Fixed Costs, profit margins and capital expenditures among others
  4. Flexible Budget with emphasis on sales and operating costs including “what if” scenarios
  5. Costs broken down into fixed/variable for leveraging
  6. Inventory details to keep Inventory under checks & balances

Most business owners have a Chartered Accountant as an Auditor and a small Accounts team. It is important for business to get the accounts audited for statutory and/or bank’s purposes. You may even have a Tax Consultant to take care of your various tax matters. But this is not what we do.

We work out of your office and become part of your team. We are involved in understanding the day-to-day issues of your business. We then help by managing internal functions and providing key management information for facts-based decision-making.

We become the right-hand man of Business Owners and/or CEOs. Our CFO Services should not be taken as another job profile. We assume the role of a long-time friend and business partner of the CEO.

A CFO is a Strategy Partner of CEO, Trustee of Internal Controls-Policies & Procedures, Responsible for mitigation of Risks & Liabilities, Proactive on Compliance, Involvement in Financial Reporting, Propagating Insightful MIS for fact-based decision making, among others.

We are totally aware of how sensitive and important information and data are of a company. The Confidential Information is shared or opined only for the Services and will be solely used for the purpose of the Services. It will not be shared / used for any other purpose or platform.

We take care of this aspect in three steps:

  1. We are bound by our Professional Code of Ethics as have been defined by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.
  2. We will sign a ‘Non-Disclosure Agreement’ with you at the beginning of our relationship. The confidential information shall be kept protected for a period of two years from the date of our Agreement.
  3. The usage of the Confidential Information ceases upon expiration of our relationship. We will either destroy or return it upon written request.

“Confidential Information” means any information to be supplied by the Disclosing Party to the Receiving Party, which is not in the public domain and in which the Disclosing Party has a proprietary or ownership interest or has legal duty to protect, which is considered by the Disclosing Party to be commercially sensitive, confidential or a trade secret and which is identified by the Disclosing Party to be confidential, including but not limited to, copyright material supplied only under restrictive license, business plans, product development details, applications solutions, software design and development, names and sensitive information pertaining to customers and prospects, business development and marketing information.

What does Purpose, Vision, Mission and Goals mean to us?

Vision gives it dreams. The vision statement describes what the organization will look like in the future. It provides direction to us here at The TotalCFO as we focus our efforts on achieving the vision Mission drives the business forward. A mission statement describes what an organization does and for whom. We have identified you to serve you.

Goal is the measurable unit. Goal is a measurable number and makes one realize that what is measurable is achievable. Numbers drive us towards executing what we advise.

We are currently based in the United Arab Emirates but our reach is global through a network of associates. If you have any special requirements, please contact us to know more.

We provide a complete, end-to-end Financial Management function and beyond through our CFO services. We serve as your flexible finance resource when you cannot afford or need to hire a competent financial resource full-time. Please have a look at our range of services for more information.

A business always needs the services of specialised Finance Professional. One need not wait for

  • Recurring cash management and other operational issues
  • Non-availability of financial data critical to making facts-based business decisions
  • Delegating Financial management responsibility so that you can focus on growing your company
  • a sounding board to validate business strategy, critical decisions among others

Last but not the least, You recognize the need for a full-time finance professional but do not want or cannot afford to employ a full-time CFO.

In our experiential opinion, when a business feels like that, they do not need the services of a CFO, at that very time is the right time to hire our CFO Services

Main reasons are mind-set and focus areas.

A bookkeeper or accountant manages the company’s books and records. He is responsible for the transaction processing in a company. He records and reports on past events. His only involvement with business is solely focused on recording and reporting the numbers based on ‘what has happened’

The TotalCFO Service is totally focused on providing CFO Services. We recommend companies to have their own Accountants.We team-up with in-house Accountants and take a proactive role concerned with the company’s future financial success. We have a a commercial approach and can advise of the financial impact of all aspects of the company’s operations.

You are welcome to drop us an email or call us, if you would like to know more