Our valuation practitioners can perform valuations of business interests, tangible assets, equity shares, intangible assets, securities, and bonds.


These services are provided to assist clients with valuation for Internal Use, Strategic Planning, M&A transaction, Buy-back, and Divestment among others.

Valuation is not about numbers, it’s about Story. We articulate your Story for optimum value realization. We do not undertake Valuation for the sake of it. Rather, we help our clients with Valuation for a well-informed corporate decision.

Value is a utility of an asset. When this utility gets quantified in monetary terms, is Valuation. This is our approach to any Valuation exercise we undertake. One needs Valuation as a reference point for decision making. What we find through Valuation is Fair Value, fair to all the parties involved.

Our methods may differ, but our approach is the same across all the methods: We invariably benchmark it against Discounted Cash Flow value.