Purpose, Vision, Mission & Goal

Purpose, Vision, Mission & Goal: Blue Print of Success and Growth

The Purpose Statement provides the reason or reasons you exist. It answers, “Why we exist?”

The vision statement describes what the organization will look like in the future. It provides direction to everyone in the organization as they focus their efforts on achieving the vision

A mission statement describes what an organization does and for whom

The goal is a measurable number and makes one realize that what is measurable is achievable


To make The TotalCFO accessible to all companies across the globe and make them experience it, complementing their present management with business, financial and strategic leadership.

To make CFO role variable, to make a team of financial experts available as CFO, to make companies experience it, to make the CFO role command its value, it’s the rightful place.


The TotalCFO dreams to become the most trustworthy and enterprising CFO, locally and globally, delivering real benefits of this role to the companies.


Our Mission is:

  • Connect and integrate all the business functions, activities and data with the role of a CFO
  • Provide Insights, which Inspires, at the right time to the right person,
  • Sure the right decisions are taken and its full benefits reaped by the company.
  • As the TotalCFO, we want to deliver G.R.I.P. (Growth, Risk, Investment, Profit) at its highest standard to all types of companies viz. Start-ups, SMEs, Large Corporates and Groups.


To make every company, irrespective of their Size and Budget, experience the Total CFO Service

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