IPO Due Diligence Preparation

IPO Due Diligence Preparation

A best practice to inform potential investors/shareholders that a process of investigation has been performed by an independent firm into examination of operations, management, and verification of material facts. It entails conducting enquiries for the purpose of timely, sufficient, and accurate disclosure of all material statements / information or documents, which may influence the outcome of decision to invest/buy shares.

What a potential investor / shareholder would have wanted to do before investing, we do it for them on behalf of the company.

A proper and effective due diligence goes past the financials. We thoroughly review the company’s sales, marketing, employees, contracts, customers, competition, systems, suppliers, legal and corporate issues. The investor would have wanted to complete the due diligence exercise knowing exactly what he is getting into, what needs to be fixed, what the costs are to fix and if the company and present management is the right person to be at the helm to put the plans in place to make a great future for the business.

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