Fixed Assets Verification

Fixed Assets Verification

Our Fixed Assets Optimization Model which will provide your company detailed control on physical fixed assets, its utilization, its maintenance, its replacement and alternative strategy leading to big savings through control, excellence and out of the box thinking.

What will our Fixed Assets Optimization Model cover?

  • Mapping of Assets with Business Model
  • Classification of Assets
  • Location wise control – Physical Verification, earmarking individual assets to its specified location
  • Control Strategy for Assets which are mobile and inter-changeable
  • Distinguishing Assets into different categories – Un-utilized, Under-Utilized, Mis-fits, Unwanted etc.
  • Streamlining Assets Accounting and Linking it to Advanced Business Intelligence Reports
  • “Fixed Assets doesn’t need to be always Fixed in nature” - Alternative Strategies.
    • By Reducing Cost incurred on Fixed Assets
      • Streamlining the Full Process from Start to End
    • By Proper & Optimum Utilization and Improving Productivity on Fixed Assets Usage

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