Product Pricing

Product Pricing

Our Product Pricing Model which will take your company to the Basics of What actually makes a Product, its various cost elements, the Target Market and its requirement, ease of sales completion process, Price Discrimination Strategy leading to growth acceleration, improved gross margins and net profit.

What will our Product Pricing Model cover?

  • The BASICS of what makes a product complete
  • Products Profiling
  • Customers Profiling and Market Mapping
  • Detailed Study of various Cost Elements
  • “Pricing should reflect the intrinsic value and customers’ expectation” – Price Discrimination
  • Introduce Standardization and Specialization of Products
  • EASE of Sales Completion Process
  • Linking Pricing to Credit Period and Collection
  • Making freebies, discounts, offers, rebates, reward points as key elements of Pricing Strategy
  • Strategies leading to Increased Market Share and Market Diversification
  • Improve Gross Margins & Net Profit
  • Growth Acceleration

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