Sreekumar Pillai

Founder, CEO & Chief Software Architect
FACTS Computer Software House LLC
Dubai, UAE

800Profit, an associate of The TotalCFO, has been at the forefront in executing the financial strategy and bringing about operations efficiency especially in customer support & AMC areas. This has resulted in unearthing of hidden profitability and growth. Experience of 800Profit, an associate of The TotalCFO, with SMEs is noteworthy and highly valuable for FACTS’ management team.

Jagdish Shettigar

Chief Financial Officer
Technical Art Concepts (TACME) LLC
Dubai, UAE

We are now completing a year and a half with 800Profit, an associate venture of The TotalCFO. It has been a mutually fruitful journey so far. We have no hesitation in stating that as a professional firm, they have helped us evolve in totality especially in Taxation, Risks and Compliance. Apart from profitability improvement and financial management, which is their forte, their team brings to the table a whole lot of value additions which are best practices over the years. I would recommend The TotalCFO, an associate of 800Profit, to organizations who are open to change. Great Value

Fadi Azar

Chief Financial Officer
Falcon Eye Technology LLC
Abu Dhabi, UAE

800Profit team, an associate venture of The TotalCFO, have done an exemplary job from the time they started working with us. Among their notable achievements was helping us understand our project-based transactions’ treatment for VAT and accounting of VAT Liability in a timely manner. This has enabled us to fine tune our Contracts with customers to bring them in line with VAT Legislation of UAE. This has a positive impact on our cash flow management between payment of VAT Liability to the government and collection of dues from customers. I highly recommend working with the The TotalCFO, an associate of 800Profit.

Perci Wadia

Chief Financial Officer
Al Thekair Trading and Contracting Company

800Profit, an associate venture of The Total CFO, is a professional and dependable team of professionals who ensure to deliver results. Their approach to issues is business focused, data driven- facts based and seeing beyond the obvious. They bring in a holistic perspective to business issues and have never ceased to stay true to their Goal and Purpose.

Rashida Rampuri

Financial Controller ME
Acteon Middle East FZE

800Profit, an associate venture of The Total CFO, have been our VAT Consultant for compliance with various VAT Legislation requirements of UAE. We found out that more than required time was spent on preparing timely reports and filing VAT Returns. Accuracy was getting compromised and Reconciliation sheets were getting longer. We were managing the situation outside the ERP system in various Excel sheets
800Profit, an associate venture of The Total CFO, went beyond their scope of work and suggested a more robust ERP system which can take care of multiple foreign currency exchange rates and over different periods for various regulatory and compliance authorities including MIS requirements. Our company achieved 90% system features utilization and efficiency. Our setup is now aligned with best practices in recording multiple currencies transactions for various reporting requirements. We no longer need Reconciliation sheets in Excel. We have saved in terms of lots of man-hours, not quantifiable accuracy of reporting, thereby mitigating exposure to unwanted liabilities and penalties.
We appreciate the endeavor of 800Profit, an associate venture of The Total CFO, for bringing in this efficiency beyond their scope of work. They continue to guide us on VAT treatment of unique transactions including aligning our various reporting periods.

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